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Emergency call-out

Weekday: £80 with no hidden fees. Weekend works will incur a 0% surcharge. All emergency call outs will be charged an additional half hour travel return each way.

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Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches a certain height, ...

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Stump Removal & Grinding

When trees are felled or fall, their stumps should be removed to prevent suckering and fungal root rots. Although often large and heavy, stumps can be removed with the right ...

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Felling is the process of cutting down a tree as close to ground level as is practical.

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Reductions & Reshaping

Reducing and reshaping the trees canopy… results in a smaller tree. Some trees are more suitable for reductions than others and our well trained team will advise on the most ...

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Every pruning cut inflicts a wound on the tree. The ability of a tree to withstand a wound and maintain healthy growth is greatly affected by the pruning cut – ...

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